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The Connoisseur Amy Hoff Fantasy Romance Novel Erotic  (1).jpg

The Connoisseur

Spirit Talker Legend of Nakosis Tom Coles Fantasy Shaman Novel (1).jpg

Spirit Talker – The Legend of Nakosis (Spirit Talker #1)

Spirit Talker 2 - Book Cover - FRONT.jpg

Spirit Talker – The Journey Continues (Spirit Talker #2)

Oz Book 1 - Cover - FRONT.jpg

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ - Illustrated - Oz Books #1

Mortal Souls Amy Hoff Caledonia Fantasy Novel (1).jpg

Mortal Souls (Caledonia #2)

Oz Book 2 - COVER - FRONT.jpg

The Marvelous Land of OZ - Illustrated - Oz Books #2

Burns Night Fantasy Scottish Folklore Magic Mystery Book  (1).jpg

Burns Night (Caledonia #3)

Caledonia Amy hoff fantasy adventure book magic female author lgbt literature (1).jpg

Caledonia (Caledonia #1)

The Seasonal Cycle - COVER - FRONT.jpg

The Seasonal Cycle (Caledonia #4)

Caledonia 5 cover - FRONT  - Smaller Size.jpg

Monster Under Your Bed (Caledonia #5)

Alice's Cabinet of Curiosities lewis carrol fantasy horror creepy illustrated book (1).jpg

Alice's Cabinet of Curiosities

Lunations Book Cover - FRONT.jpg


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