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What is "Erebus Society":

Erebus Society is a collective organisation of people seeking to reinstate the occult bodies and institutions and to establish a new, more inclusive, society of the Occult, building one from the foundations up and one step at a time.

"Erebus Society Publications" is our vessel to both visibility in the community and financial stability. We view this operation as a society and not as a business for profit, and this is why we are focusing on its cultural aspects instead of focusing solely on its commercial value.

The Publishing House is fairly new, formed in 2015 and took the name "Erebus Society" on the same year. The birthing society itself, well, we are not sure how old it could be as none of the living members could give an estimate. There have been occult Orders for multiple generations but we aim to establish the "Erebus Society" as the main inner order of our community.

For this reason we operate in the system of the Ancient Greek Hermetic Lodges. This means that we have no political affiliation, specific social ethos, no segregation by gender, and no interest in anyone's race, religion, beliefs, social class etc. All these are aspects of the mundane world that must be left outside once we step in our community. We are focusing on the Occult, and pay attention on what brings us together, our similarities, inspiration, and common community goals, and never on the differences we might have or anything that could divide us.

Who are we looking for:

The more like-minded people we can attract, and the more occultists gather in our community, the better. We are looking for writers, illustrators, poets, thinkers, crafters, philosophers, healers, teachers, and anyone who has something to contribute and is able to enrich the diversity and multifaceted aspects of our society.

What do we offer in exchange for the contributions:

Traditional publishers usually offer around 10% of the royalties for the first 5000 copies sold and then increase it to 15%. We believe that since the contributor does half the work and we do the other half, it is only fair to share everything we make on a 50-50 basis. Authors start at 35% for the first 100 copies rising to 50% thereafter, and illustrators get 50% from the first copy sold. After all for us it is not a "Boss - Employee" relationship, it is a collaboration in a community of equals.

Our digital publications (Blog) and our monthly print publication (Magazine) are non-profit operations and for this reason we are not able to offer monetary compensation, as the blog's adverts are enough for its operating costs and the magazine is sold at cost price. The purpose of these is to offer better visibility both within our community and to people outside of it. Each contributor is able to showcase their work, promote their personal works and pages, and become a main part in the foundation and development of our community. All contributors will be added in our partners page with bios and links to their personal work. Moreover, each contributor will also gain the audience of the other contributors as the main idea behind these non-profit publications is that one like-minded person will attract another.

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