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The Marvelous Land of OZ - Illustrated - Oz Books #2

by Michael Kaberis



After the first popular film released in 1939, illustrated editions of this book series have featured the well known designs of Baums creations as imagined by Victor Flemming.This edition of The Marvelous Land of OZ was illustrated by Michael Kaberis, reimagined according to the artist's vision.


After the publication of "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" I began to receive letters from children, telling me of their pleasure in reading the story and asking me to "write something more" about the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. At first I con- sidered these little letters, frank and earnest though they were, in the light of pretty compliments; but the letters continued to come during succeeding months, and even years.

Finally I promised one little girl, who made a long journey to see me and prefer her request,—and she is a "Dorothy," by the way—that when a thousand little girls had written me a thou- sand little letters asking for the Scarecrow and the Tin Wood- man I would write the book, Either little Dorothy was a fairy in disguise, and waved her magic wand, or the success of the stage production of "The Wizard of OZ" made new friends for the story, For the thousand letters reached their destination long since—and many more followed them.

And now, although pleading guilty to long delay, I have kept my promise in this book.

L. FRANK BAUM. Chicago, June, 1904






Pages: 158

Trim Size: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Edition: 1st

ISBN: 978-1-912461-45-5

Publication Date: 29 September 2022

SKU: FL012


United Kingdom


U.S.A. & International

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